BIAvi Finds The Way Over The Atlantic

Hello America! We always knew that going international would be an option from the very beginning. Since we’ve launched our homepage in Germany a couple of days ago and created our first contacts in social networks like Twitter and Facebook it became clear that there was a huge interest in the United States. The response has been overwhelming.

National and local initiatives who fight obesity, nutrition experts, and the media ask: When will BIAvi be available on the US market. Studies find that nearly 50% of the U.S. population are obese.  The BIAvi is a simple device that measures Visceral Fat directly  and can help change this alarming trend. BIAvi is very easy to use and helps people understand what is going on inside their body. The personalized information obtained with BIAvi can be used to develop a well rounded diet and exercise plan to fight off future health concerns like diabetes, obesity, and heart risks. BIAvi will help individuals understand what is going on deep in their stomach demonstrating daily positive and negative impacts. Visceral fat changes daily, and with the BIAvi you will know almost immediately what worked and what did not.

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There is no need to hesitate. Here we are! A German team of entrepreneurs, BIA-technology experts, marketers and media personnel who want nothing less then to change the way everyone calculates risk for overweight patients. We understand that BIAvi has the potential to replace the antiquated BMI index that tells you nothing about metabolic health. So please subscribe to this Blog or our newsletter as we prepare our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you for telling your friends about BIAvi coming to America! More to follow.