5 Reasons Why You Should Meet Our Founder Jörg

At home in Germany Jörg Tomczak is known as the “BIA-Pope”, a nickname he earned as the pioneer of bio-impedance technology in Europe. He has done research and entrepreneurial initiatives in this field for more than 25 years now.

Get to meet our BIA entrepreneur

Here are five reasons why you should get in contact with him.

Jörg Tomczak

  1. He is a nice person. One can see.
  2. People respect his unconventional behavior, kindness and honesty. As a conference participant once asked “can you measure visceral fat just by looking?”  He joked, “probably – I have seen many bellies.”
  3. There is probably only a handful of people worldwide who are as experienced in the field. He’s been a part of dozens of projects on fundamental research and he’s consulted and developed concepts on metabolic health with renowned European institutes.
  4. If you ever wonder what possibilities and limitations of bio-impedance analysis (BIA) exist, Jörg is who you would ask. He points out that It is important to distinguish between trendy gadgets that flood the market like certain apps or wearables, and the genuinely helpful applications. Jörg always focuses on one question: How can BIA help to improve overall healthcare? He found the answer in BIAvi, and it is ready to market and urgently needed by so many people.
  5. His idea – BIAvi – will become an essential tool in healthcare, not unlike the scale, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, and stethoscope.

Jörg Tomczak and his team need your help on the journey to enter the American market. Thank you for being with us. Don’t miss our Kickstarter campaign coming soon!

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By the way: Feel free to write to Jörg instead of googling; he has remained available since day-one and is eager to answer any of your quesitons. 😉

Get in touch soon! It’s joerg@bia-vi.de