Scary how fast the world has become more and more obese

Despite knowing for years that obesity is an increasing global epidemic, these graphics completely shocked us as they show the magnitude of the problem. The New York based entrepreneur Max Galka provided a visualization on the rate of growing obesity from the 1970s to 2014. Take a look!

The Metrocosm blog also shows obesity by country and gender. The author quotes: “In Europe and the U.S., obesity rates for men and women are roughly equal. In Southern African countries, women have obesity rates that are on average 20% higher than obesity rates for men.” In the case of obesity, equality is not the goal yet that is what is achieved in most western countries, where the United States leads followed by European countries like Germany, Italy and France.

Obesity by country and gender by 2014
Obesity by country and gender by 2014. Source:

How to win the war on obesity?

Do people ignore health risks? No, they are looking at the wrong data. If one added the growing number of initiatives designed to fight obesity (read diets) to a graph, the initiative graph would likely grow as fast as the one depicting the increase in obesity itself. What is the reason for the obvious lack of success?  We at BIAvi are convinced that weight and BMI are the wrong health indicators to look at because the increase of weight and BMI in most individual cases comes slowly and decreases even more slowly. A direct and easy measurement of dangerous visceral fat levels on the other hand can show the effects of behavioral changes immediately – shortly after an opulent meal and right after exercise. Recent research shows that visceral fat disturbs our metabolism and is directly responsible for Diabetes and many other diseases. Fortunately visceral fat is metabolically active and can be measured in near-real-time. Please help us to get to our product to the market fast by joining the list below, and please don’t forget to comment and share.

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If we really want to fight obesity we have to focus on the enemy not on statistical side effects like an increasing overall BMI. Let’s identify and kill the beast in our bellies! Weight is not the issue, visceral fat is.