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The Beast In Your Belly

A new device that shows the individual health risk from visceral fat.

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About BIAvi

What we do

Our totally new device shows the individual health risk from visceral fat in the abdomen. We develop concepts that help people to understand and reduce their personal risk and we do this in cooperation with partners specialized in nutrition, sports, medicine and the media.

What we want to achieve

Stop the diet craze in America. By 2020 our goal is to have the BIAvi device recognized as the leading personal fat risk assessment tool used to prevent widespread diseases including diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease.  BIAvi is a personalized tool designed with each individual in mind. No longer will you rely on the outdated and generic BMI chart; BIAvi will display your individualized health risk.

What a BIAvi device can do

BIAvi is the first-of-its-kind. BIAvi precisely measures an individual’s visceral fat* through a scientifically validated and easy to use process. The tests can be performed on your own or with the help of a physician.  BIAvi is your first step to understanding the real impacts of diet and exercise on your health.

Belly fat is very active, changing all the time with your metabolism and BIAvi can show even the smallest of these changes!

Using BIAvi is simpler than measuring blood pressure; it is as fast as measuring weight and with BAIvi you will finally know precisely what is happening in your body.

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Why Visceral Fat is dangerous

* Visceral fat: Fat in the abdomen surrounding the internal organs. Excessive visceral fat can be very dangerous to your health.  Scientists point to a direct link between abdominal fat and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, mental disorders and even impotence. With BIAvi you can measure this fat at home, where before an accurate measurement of visceral fat was only possible through clinical methods or during an autopsy, a bit too late.

BIAvi is an important innovation for diagnosis and a healthy lifestyle.

We developed BIAvi to show the effects of diet changes and exercise directly related to dangerous fat reserves in the belly. For those interested in physical therapy, fitness training and nutrition, we develop the BIAvi+. Finally it is possible to reliably diagnose obesity based on visceral fat rather than an antiquated BMI, even within “normal and underweight people”.

Conventional body composition scales only estimate visceral fat with statistical methods providing potentially inaccurate and misleading information.

The patented process lifted the bio impedance technology to a higher level. The measurement results been and are constantly evaluated scientifically.


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